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May 2013 E-newsletter

Sky Network Provides Care to More People in Bihar

Bihar is India’s third most populous state, where 55% of people live below the poverty line and 85% live in rural communities. Bihar’s health care infrastructure is weak, and particularly in rural areas, people may not seek care in a timely manner because it is difficult to reach. When they do seek care, they may be misdiagnosed due to poor quality of care. WHP is working to ensure people in poor and rural communities in Bihar receive timely, appropriate care for childhood pneumonia and diarrhea and infectious diseases, especially tuberculosis and visceral leishmaniasis.

Through its Sky network, WHP has trained existing informal private providers, connecting them with formal health providers via telemedicine and business relationships, to improve detection, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. With the support of the Bihar government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Sky network has expanded to 13 of the state’s 38 districts - home to over 35 million people. In Bihar to date WHP has franchised over 4,000 rural health providers and conducted almost 50,000 teleconsultations. These efforts have led to the successful treatment of over 400,000 cases of childhood diarrhea; 373,000 of childhood pneumonia; almost 3,500 in tuberculosis; and over 1,000 of visceral leishmaniasis.

To learn more about WHP’s efforts in Bihar click here.


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